We are committed to delivering high-quality dental care in a welcoming environment, ensuring optimal oral health and patient satisfaction.

Service Offered Brief
Examination Comprehensive assessment including tooth surfaces, gums, and oral cancer screening. Tailored treatment plan based on findings.
Orthodontic Treatment Experience Invisalign for discreet tooth straightening. Provided by specialists Dr. Raksha Batajoo Msc. Ortho.
Tooth Whitening Safely brighten your smile at home with professional-grade whitening gel.
Gum Disease Treatment Personalized treatment plans with a focus on oral hygiene instruction, scaling, and deep cleaning.
Fillings Restore decayed or broken teeth with amalgam or white fillings, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics.
Crowns Customized crowns to restore severely damaged or discolored teeth, enhancing both appearance and function.
Bridges Fixed dental prosthetics to replace missing teeth and restore bite functionality.
Veneers Thin porcelain facings bonded to unsightly or discolored teeth, improving appearance without compromising tooth structure.
Root Canals Expert root canal treatment to save teeth with infected or damaged nerves.
Extractions Surgical and routine extractions for various dental conditions, including wisdom teeth removal and orthodontic needs.
Surgical Implants Permanent tooth replacement option for missing teeth, restoring function and aesthetics.
Dentures Customized full or partial dentures in acrylic or cobalt chrome, providing comfort, functionality, and a natural appearance.